Basic School 1. English translation

Basic School 1 week 1
Possibilities for transforming the inner man

A practical course for You
* wanting to grow as Christian
* looking for inner healing
* wanting to grow as prayer minister
* standing by somebody’s side

This course will help you in growing as a Christian and in being equipped for living in relationships and in ministering the others.

1.   Biblical Basis of Elijah House Ministry
2.   Ingredients of Christian Prayer Ministry
3.   Basic Trust
4.   Rightly Expressing Emotions
5.   Bitter Roots
6.   Accomplishing Forgiveness
7.   Apology  & Repentance & Restitution
8.   Honoring Father & Mother
9.   How We See God?
10. Heart of Stone & Inner Vows
11. Performance Orientation
12. Sealing Our Healing

Ways of learning
teaching, small groups, homework, individual exercises, demonstrations.

Time tables
Courses  in English will be organized simultaneously with the courses in Finnish. To be able to form a separate small group for the English speaking persons 3-4  participants are needed. In addition, we need persons who do the translations and/or small group leading on voluntarily based.

The next course in English will be organized  same as Finnish but  it´s  needs 5 student in one course. (translation)

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